Education & Events

Lori teaches a variety of workshops in the Seattle area as well as other locations worldwide.


Schedule 2021 

  • Behavior Works: “How Movement Works: Training Skills for Building Confident and Balanced Learners”, Eight-Week Online Course, October 2021 
  • Discussion with Lisa Wright on the Canine Education Aus podcast. We discussed movement, observation, older dogs, fitness for life, Cassie, puppies, and more.
  • FDSA (Fenzi Dog Sports Academy), Six-Week Online Course
    Apr 1-May 12 2021, Helping Dogs Thrive: Fitness in Five
  • KPA (Karen Pryor Academy), Five-Week Online Class
    Apr 7-May 5 2021, Four-Legged, Fit, & Confident
  • ClickerExpo Live 2021
    Jan 29-31, 2021, Sessions: “In Balance, Fit, and Confident” and “Aged and Engaged”
  • FDSA (Fenzi Dog Sports Academy), Six-Week Online Course
    Feb 1-March 12 2021, Helping Dogs Thrive: Aging Dogs
  • Podcast interview at “Paws and Reward” on Aging Dogs
  • Article on Fitness for Aging Dogs

Schedule 2022

  • ClickerExpo Live 2022
    Jan 28-30, 2022, Sessions: “On & On: Movement Essentials for Older Dogs (and Younger Dogs, too!)” and “Sees the Movement! Movement Skills that Benefit Your Dog & Sharpen Your Observation Skills”
  • Nordic Animal Behavior Conference, Iceland
    July 1-3, 2022

   Photos: Verona, Italy 2014